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"sainen" (noun) - rebirth, resurrection, relapse, revival.

lofi hiphop affected and saved the lives of not only ourselves, but everyone who listened. 2012-2018 was the most popular time and largest period of growth for the genre, but sadly, every art form must advance. the best and most marketable things about lofi were taken and recreated into different genres like chillhop (no shade 👀). the lack of knowledge about the roots of these subgenres brought us to the current day, where all these subgenres are lumped together and referred to as "lofi".

we were founded in 2021 by artists downtune and sol.theory after they connected online and were disappointed with the music they were hearing. they remembered each other from the old days of the lofi.hiphop forums, and a brotherhood quickly formed between the two. after talking for countless nights, they decided to take matters into their own hands, and sainen was born.

our mission is simply this, to make the difference clear between real lofi hiphop, and the bare elements of lofi within other genres of music.

sainen stands for one thing only - real lofi - resurrecting what is left of this genre, not only through music but through community. join us on our journey to make a statement in this industry and keep real hiphop alive. 


yes! we are always looking for new members, and also just any general collaboration. to apply or inquire, please use the contact form below and be sure to include links to your work.

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thank you so much for considering submitting a song to our station! we are always looking for good, new tracks.
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-a way for us to listen to and download the song you are submitting, preferably through a soundcloud or google drive link.
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if we like the track, we will reach back out to you via the email address you provide in the form!

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we are a small team, and we try our best to respond within 3 business days.